Many companies are now realizing the importance of a strong lease administration function.

For example, if you are a landlord and overlook a simple "rent bump" or incorrectly state a "base amount" in your everyday lease administration function, you could lose thousands or even millions of dollars depending on the size of the tenant. Alternatively, if you are a tenant and you are not thoroughly reviewing your occupancy costs or not tracking options or rights in your everyday lease administration process, you too could be losing big money. We know lease administration's exposed areas and know how to fix them.

Lease Administration Solutions Can Help You Take Control of Such Areas as:

  • Critical Dates, Rights, Obligations, Options & Kickout Rights
  • CPI, Porter's Wages, Percentage Rent and Other Escalations
  • Rent Bumps & Additional Rent Review
  • Lost Security Deposits and Letters of Credit
  • Notices & Reporting
  • Lease Abstracting and Validation
  • Lease File Organization and Maintenance
  • Tracking Tenant Improvement Work and Construction Cost
  • Negotiation and Collection of lease administration Disputes
  • Lease Software System Setup & Population
  • Lease Administration Review, Design & Training
  • Lease Audit Preparation


If your company needs lease administration, lease abstracting, lease auditing or lease administration software call Lease Administration Solutions, LLC 

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