Seminars and Conferences

New England NRTA Regional Conference 2018

The Real Estate REvolution

Managing the Lease and Occupancy Costs in a Changing Real Estate Environment

Thursday, April 19, 2018, 10-1:30pm

Clarks Americas, Inc. (Corporate Headquarters)

60 Tower Road
Waltham, MA  02451

More Information call NRTA at (413) 525-4565 or visit


NRTA Annual Lease Administration Teaching Conference 2018

September 30-Oct 3, 2018   Houston, TX

Houston Marriot
Some Subjects Include:
  • Understanding The Allocation of Occupancy Cost
  • Allocation of Cost Case Studies
  • Reviewing and Auditing Operating Expenses for Office Leases
  • Understanding Operating Expenses

Early bird registration available for discounts: for More Information call NRTA at (413) 525-4565 or visit

Boston University
Classes - Subjects Include:


The NRTA is proud to announce that it has partnered with Boston University’s Center for Professional Education to expand its commercial real estate certificate offerings to include lease administration classes. Ruth Ann Murray, Director of the university’s Center for Professional Education said the first of several new courses dealing with commercial lease management topics, Methods and Techniques of Commercial Lease Abstracting, will be introduced starting this spring.
Rick Burke, President/Owner, Lease Administration Solutions, LLC of Marblehead, Massachusetts will teach the inaugural lease administration course. Rick is a founding member of the NRTA, and a member of the NRTA Curriculum Committee. His company specializes in lease administration related services for both tenants and landlords and provides services such as lease abstracting, lease administration, lease auditing, and lease systems implementation.
With additional lease administration classes planned for the BU certificate program in September 2007—covering commercial lease administration fundamentals—NRTA Executive Director, Paul Kinney, is hopeful that the cooperative program between his organization and BU will ultimately result in web-based certification program accessible to commercial lease professionals nationwide. Both NRTA and BU are confident that the lease administration courses will have significant appeal to a wide spectrum of commercial real estate career disciplines.
BU’s programs in commercial real estate are well known throughout the greater Boston community. It offers current and would-be commercial real estate professionals the opportunity to gain or increase their knowledge of industry fundamentals such as building systems, real estate transactions, accounting, taxation, and Argus cash flow modeling.
Visit the link below for BU registration information on the first course offering, Methods and Techniques of Commercial Lease Abstracting.